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Saksham is a timely and unique initiative of TIFAC towards helping both Shramiks and MSMEs to take advantage of technology in this era of economic revival. This would empower Sharamiks by projecting their candidature directly to the MSMEs & other employers and would also address aspects related to their skill proficiency levels. This would also eliminate the dependence of industry on the middlemen / labour contractor for their manpower requirements.-Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.
Saksham is a dynamic portal of TIFAC which uses various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools while collecting and analysing the information / data. The portal with the demand and supply data uses algorithm and logic being integrated with the system, so that it would not only provide geo spatial information on demand and availability of Shramiks, but would also provide analysis on skill match, skill gaps, recommendations on skill training programmes, etc. This would enable vast job opportunities for the Shramiks respectfully.-Dr. Pradeep Srivastava, Executive Director, TIFAC


Access, Analyze and Connect

In view of the current situation, which brought acute misery to lakhs of shramiks across India, TIFAC has taken up the mantle to create an economic revolution, by empowering the shramiks, through a system that is able to evaluate their skill proficiency through an intelligent data driven analysis, and then map them to industry requirements, preferably in and around their preferred locations.

Through this initiative, that consists of an Industry Dashboard where businesses can get access to blue collar workers as well as various skilled shramiks, a Chat Bot system that keeps track of shramiks’ empowerment through their regular evaluation, and an Administrator Dashboard that can recommend hyperlocal policies and skill development plans; a revolution is underway.

  • An intelligently designed online survey tool* to collect their primary data.
  • A digital infrastructure to help businesses with their financial and operational requirements, particularly with respect to their skill needs.
  • A dashboard which they can used to connect with skilled shramiks around their region, thus killing the dependency on migration
  • Data collection through multiple channels including partnerships with NGOs, primary survey, etc.
  • A WhatsApp Chat Bot, already deployed in colloquial English and Hindi; seeks information from the shramiks about their past activities. Telugu and other languages in process.
  • Connecting the migrant workers with the nearest available industry requirement.
  • In the long term, with the available skillset database and the industry requirement, skill gaps could be identified and thus, it can help the policy makers significantly in planning the skill training programs. Therefore, ensuring long term vision post employment identification.
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Disclaimer: The information collected from shramiks and industries on this portal would only be used towards increasing employment opportunities for the shramiks as per industry needs and for the purpose of policy formulations by the Govt. regarding skill assessment, skill gaps, skill needs and training programmes through data analytics. The information of only those workers / industries would be shared mutually, who have specifically given their consent for the same.