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Saksham has helped more than 4488+ job seekers acquire meaningful jobs and helped them in their livelihood journey eventually fueling India's growth.

About Saksham

Shramik Shakti Manch (Saksham) is an initiative by TIFAC, an autonomous body under Department of
Science & Technology, Govt of India which is connecting the job seekers with job providers using artificial intelligence and data science, on a hyperlocal level.
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Empowered Organizations & Public Partners

A collaboration of citizens and technology for livelihood
enhancement through

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Phygital Model 

Unique artificial intelligence and machine learning models, combined with a physical presence across parts of India.

Live pulse of workforce

Through our constant touch with the workforce , we are able to have a dynamic pulse  which eventually gives us  access to skill proficiency levels etc of each jobseeker.

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Empathetic  interaction

We have a unique empathetic way of interacting with citizens  through our chatbots which enables
us to have deep aspects of workforce.

Retention and nurturing

Our proprietary tools combined with our unique framework  helps organisations retain their workforce through continuous  nurturing.

Success Stories

Success Stories!

I got my job through Saksham’s unique feature - The WhatsApp chatbot. I got hired as a sales executive in one of the leading private banks in India. I am grateful to Saksham for getting this unique opportunity.

Bhakti Dhanu

I used to work in the e-commerce industry. Due to some factors, I ended up losing my job. I was really discouraged. That is when I came across Saksham. I understood the skills that are relevant to me and my profile and found a position for me in the retail industry. Thank you, Saksham!

Satyaprakash Chaubey

I used to work as a Sales Promoter at a store but due to personal reasons, I had to leave my job. I applied to various portals and Saksham reached out to me, and helped me secure a job at a telecommunication giant!

Mohit Dubey

I used to work in a small finance. My salary wasn't enough for me, so I had to leave. I got to know about Saksham from a friend of mine and went through the process, applied & gave an interview for a new role. I was hired & the pay was much higher than I expected. Thankyou Saksham!

Rohit Singh

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