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Saksham, under the Govt of India, is inviting you to join the Financial Agents Association today!

Debt Recovery Agents

Elevate your career with better income opportunities, skill guidance, monthly virtual meetups with financial veterans, and more. Achieve recognition and engage with peers in a supportive community.

Mutual Funds Distributors

Boost your performance with our guidance, skill gap analysis and training, additional income opportunities, and regular industry updates. Get recognized by the Government of India.

Direct Sales Agents

Advance your career through our certification courses, performance enhancement guidance, training, and more opportunities for income. Engage and grow with a network of your peers.

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We welcome you to join our community effortlessly! Please fill up the interest form below with your basic information and we will promptly guide you on the next steps to become a part of our community. Take action today and join us!

Saksham's Financial Agents Association aims to unite and empower financial agents across India. Offering enhanced income opportunities, skill development, and Government of India recognition, we pave the way for your financial career growth.

Why Join the Financial Agents Association?

As a part of out ecosystem, we provide a lot of benefits to Financial Agents empowered through us!

Better Income Opportunities

Skill Guidance for Career Success

Monthly Virtual Meetups

Recognition by Government of India